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High Studies Institute is considered as the first institute for private training in the state of Kuwait, founded in 1962, Around more that 135 thousand trainees have been graduated from it & employed in different ministries, companies & associations with the governmental & private sectors.

A great deal of care & attention have been given to the institute to be developed through most recent technological & technical potentials. As well as the training process is undertaken by the best choice of the most skilled trainers who cope up with the most developed training techniques provided all over the region.

Moreover, High Studies Institute enters into contracting with organizations, companies & associations both in private & public sectors in addition to beneficiary societies whose employees are trained in different fields of work. It’s worth mentioning that the institute is authenticated by the Public Authority for Applied Education & Training & registered in the Civil Service Commission.

In pursuant to our everlasting interest to make every possible progress in the learning process, the institute co-operates with Cambridge Training College Britain where a training diploma certificate of Computer Sciences & Commercial studies
& technical courses are granted from the College.

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